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We produce different types of roe using different processes and a range of packaging types, all according to our customers’ expectations.

We import raw materials from different corners of the world. Our suppliers come from
Norway, Iceland, Peru, Scotland, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan and so on.

All raw material purchases are certified and controlled by our quality departments managers.

Box labels

Labels on the boxes can be with Royal Iceland brand as well as under the customer’s brand.

On request we can print the customer’s brand design.

Our products


Masago is produced from capelin roe with addition of sugar, salt, vinegar and different kind of other natural additives and food colouring.

Capelin used by us is taken from the cleanest area of Northern Atlantic Ocean. We base our products on verified recipe, which lets us offer goods of full aroma and traditional flavour.

Masago and Tobiko are available in different colours; Orange, Green (Wasabi), Red, Black, Gold, Yuzu. We offer masago both, as standard, and Non Azo, Non Gluten versions.


Tobiko is produced from roe of flying fish. After adding ingredients as sugar, salt, vinegar, aromas and colouring we get the highest quality product used in sushi meals.

We use flying fish roe coming from Peru or from Indonesia. This sources of supply let us get final products which are flavourful and as crunchy as it should be for tobiko.

Tobiko are available in different colours; Orange, Green (Wasabi), Red, Black, Gold, Yuzu. Also available as Non Gluten.


Mackerel to produce shimesaba is caught in the Northern Atlantic.

We use only big dimension of fish with higher content of fat. That let us offer product with deep flavour, full of delicate smell adequate for this kind of products.

We can offer both kinds of shimesaba: standard type and prepared with rice vinegar addition which is much delicate.

Atlantic Rock Crab

Atlantic Rock Crab, Latin Name: Cancer Irroratus.

Harvesting period from September to January.

Atlantic Rock Crab is fished in traps with small boats every day. The Rock Crab was first found in 2006 close to Reykajvik on the south west coast and now can be found on the entire west coast as well as on few locations on the North Coast.


Green Sea Urchin has a variety of colours. Ranging from clear yellow, orange, light and dark brown and red roes/gonads.

Harvesting period for high quality gonads is from October to late April.

Fishing technique is a specialized rubber wheel sledge that collects the urchins of thee sandy ocean floor.

Cod Roe

Royal Iceland cod roe is made of fresh high quality carefully selected roe. The nutrient rich waters around Iceland play an important role in sustaining a strong stock of the Atlantic cod from which our cod roe products are made.

Harvesting period is from mid January until mid April.

We offer:

  • Cod roe cooked
  • Cod roe cooked & smoked
  • Mentaiko

Sea Cucumber

Latin name: Cucumaria frondosa

Sea cucumber fishing is all year around except in June.
Yield and size differ from fishing zones and time of the year.

We offer:

  • Whole (IQF) Individually Quick Frozen
  • Gutted & cleaned, semi-cooked IQF in vacuum bag
  • Block frozen in 9kg block
  • Cut open guts in
  • Cut and cleaned
  • Cooked whole
  • Cooked
  • Cut cooked Guts in
  • Dried


Royal Iceland is the only fishing company in Iceland fishing whelk. We are fishing whelk in Breidafjordur on the west coast of Iceland.

Harvesting period is from June to January 200 – 400 tons per year

We offer:

  • Whelk in shell
  • Whelk shell off

Skate Wings

We offer Skate Wings.

IQF frozen in 5kg and 10kg boxes.

Hot smoked mackerel fillets in vacum


Royal Iceland mackerel is processed from daily landings. We have our own fishing vessels but we also select from other fishing boats. We only take mackerel from boats using lines and hooks. The fish is processes within 24 hours of catch.


Royal Iceland gets the big whole saithe, round weight 3,5-5 kg each fish directly from the boats from daily landings in the local area.

We fillet the fish, make the skinless and cut out the bones if the fillets are bonelss. Then we color the fillets, put them in brine for salting and it goes on racks in the smoke ovens. After smoking and cooling we are frozen IQF – Glazed for protection and pack.

Smoked and colored saithe fillets 300-700gr IQF in 5kg