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Our company

The Royal Iceland produces and delivers excellent quality of goods addressed to ‘’Asian Cuisine’’ sales points. We offer Masago, Tobiko, Shimesaba, Mentaiko, Tsubu Gai, Whelk In Shell, Crab Meat, Sea Cucumber and more of the highest quality.

We are fish roe specialists making Cod Roe, Saithe Roe, Lumpfish Roe, Flying Fish Roe, Herring Roe, Capeling Roe, Sea Urchin Roe and more. We are fishing company specialized in fishing shallow water species, in the most exclusive surroundings in Breidafjord, and process them all ourselves and sell them directly into distribution in Europe. 

Our production points are located in Njardvik, Iceland and Znin, Poland.
Both factories work in line with all food safety standards required by both FDA and EU regulations.

We hire fully skilled quality managers with long – lasting experience in providing different companies of food industry.
Our goods are permanently controlled by internal and external laboratories.

We are MSC certified. Look for the blue MSC logo.
Chain of custody: MSC-C-60056

Our products

Royal Iceland Europe is a seafood company that specializes in roe products. The headquarters of the company is located in Poland, thanks to which it is possible to use close connections with the sources of obtained caviar and easy contact and cooperation with customers on the European market.

The wide range of our roe products is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our company’s staff is characterized by high professionalism in the implementation of the production process. The company processes various types of roe using a wide range of specialized production processes. The company allows you to adjust the right type of product packaging to meet the expectations of its customers. Royal Iceland Europe is proud to offer its customers products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. At the same time, the company offers kosher products, the production of which complies with all strict rules. Royal Iceland Europe in its activities is always guided by the pursuit of ecological, economic and social criteria.

We produce different types of roe using different processes and a range of packaging types, all according to our customers’ expectations.

We import raw materials from different corners of the world. Our suppliers come from

Norway, Iceland, Peru, Scotland, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan and so on.

All raw material purchases are certified and controlled by our quality departments managers.